SYTYCD: Bollywood, baby!

Ok, so the whole show wasn't Bollywood (group routine needed!) but one of my favorite couples got it and got it gooooood:

Joshua & Katee

Is there anything that they can't do? Well, yes there is, according to the judges:

Viennese Waltz

It was too bouncy and not flowing enough for the judges. I don't give a shit about bouncy--I thought it was lovely! The Viennese Waltz is one of my favorites though.

I can't not mention Will and Jessica's Tyce Diorio routine. When I saw the practice video, I mentioned to John that they'd have no problem doing "the connection between a man and a woman" part, as they do chemistry quite well:


I thought this was stunning. Absolutely stunning--there's no other way to describe it. Let's just ignore the quick-step routine, mmmkay? LOL

I really like that the show has some of the previous contestants come back to be choreographers as well and this week Pasha and Anya rejoined the show to choreograph the cha-cha:

Courtney & Gev

I really like this dance with them too. I thought it was a great routine!

Mark and Chelsie's salsa and broadway routines were pretty good. I thought Twitch and Kherington did ok last night but didn't "WOW!" me as they have in the past (tango and krump). Even if I wasn't feeling the "buck", I'm quite sure they're safe. Comfort and Thayne...not so much. I didn't think either routine (contemporary, hip hop) were that great. I think Thayne is a better dancer overall but he just may go along with Comfort this week. What do you think?

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