Question of the Day

With a nod to our Quote of the Day: What is your favorite film about aliens coming to Earth?

I loved loved loved Starman as a kid. I watched the fuck outta that film; the other day, Iain was flipping channels upstairs while I was walking below the loft downstairs, and I heard one note of the score and said, "Oh, was that Starman?" Iain's reply was that, yes, it was Starman, and also that I'm certifiable.

Loved E.T. when I was a kid, but it didn't hold up as well for me. I watched The Last Starfighter again recently; that was still pretty fun.

I also really like Contact and Signs, and, of course, Close Encounters. I'm sure there are loads I'm forgetting. I tend to like films where aliens and humans are mutually curious about each other, rather than the hostile invasion type stuff (although I rather embarrassingly adore Independence Day).

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