From the Mailbag

Shaker OlderThanDirt recommends the essay Feminist Analytic Philosophy published on Google's new service Knol.

Shaker Lilli forwards this slideshow (click on the photo to begin) in which designers offer the "Dos and Don'ts of Dressing Sexy Over 40." Lilli notes there's an "interesting collection of answers." Totally.

Shaker Megan Kay sends along another entry in the "aversion to the word rape" series, in which CNN once again is suffering from the misapprehension that 13-year-olds can have consensual sex with adults.

Shaker Bluestockingsrs forwards Shock jock mimics sexual assault on Isabel Garcia, in which a couple of assholes "pasted a picture of Arizona public defender and activist Isabel Garcia onto a pinata, and proceeded to mock and fondle the object." Shades of Opie and Anthony.

Shaker Bohica recommends Military Women Ready to Rock the Boat— a must-read about some extraordinarily brave women.

Shaker Lena sends the hilarious In study, evidence of liberal-bias bias. You'll be shocked—shocked, I say!—to discover that the network news tends to be harder on the Democrat than the Republican. Great Caesar's Ghost! Next they'll be telling us the world ain't flat!

Action Item: Shakers Sophronia and TheBratQueen send heads-up about a truly unbelievable episode of a new show on ABC Family called "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," in which, as Sophronia describes it: "the show opened with a scene where a cheerleader was waiting for a ride at night and was attacked by two men. She knelt down to pray, then smashed a beer bottle and tried to fight them off with the broken end, before a male friend showed up and scared them away. The show proceeded to play this incident for laughs, with everyone from her fellow students and their parents to the anchor people on the local news giggling about it. The girl herself is remorseful about getting violent with them and eventually quits the cheerleading squad as a way of punishing herself."

TheBratQueen's post about it here, and includes links to video of the sequence. Watch it—and then let ABC know what you think about playing rape for laughs.

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