The Feelgood Comedy of the Summer!

A Father's Rights
aka MRA: The Movie

I wish this were a joke—but, unfortunately, it's not. It is, according to the notes at YouTube, "the true tale of a father denied the right to share the custody of his daughter" and "the first film of Dickson, TN-based William Fain productions."
A Father's Rights is based on the life of William Fain. He battles each day to bring an end to laws that take away a child's right to both parents. He wrote and produced this movie in order to show the inequality between parents created by certain laws and to hopefully inspire others to take up that same fight.
Sounds awesome.

If you're unfamiliar with the patriarchal misogybag movement that functions under the innocuously-named "Fathers' Rights Movement," go visit The Countess for your 101, and then some. (Also swing by Sheelzebub's joint.) If you just want some quick hits about custody, this is your pitstop.

A word of warning to anyone considering the old "my cousin's best friend's brother's wife is a crazy bitch who won't let him see his kid and he's honestly a good guy I swear and his kid is dying to see him but she's totally a crazy bitch and did I mention she's a crazy bitch?" routine: Great. Good for him and shame on her, if it's true. But you don't need to educate anyone here that there are sometimes women who do bad things. The point is that there is an entire movement predicated on treating that as the norm, but reality does not bear that out. Not even close.

[H/T to Jessica, via email.]

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