Fat Princess Update

First: Holly takes the time in a great post to patiently explain exactly what's problematic about "Fat Princess," since my contempt was so absolute I couldn't be arsed.

Secondly, there are about eight zillion pathetic rejects who are insistently emailing links to this picture and this picture, both fine examples of both the superb cleverness and mad Photoshoppin' skillz endemic to the fanboyz madly forwarding my Fat Princess post as fast as their wee fingers can fly. So, note to my new penpals: I've seen 'em. Congrats; you're awesome. And I don't care what the haterz say—spending the past 24 hours feverishly dropping links into emails and comments threads totally doesn't make you pitiable losers.

Finally, the brilliant Jim Sterling of Destructoid manages to exemplify the perfect, hilarious irony of most of the responses to my original post:
Even worse is a writer at Shakesville, who took time out of doing her husband's laundry to write this: "Congrats on your awesome new game, Sony. I'm positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative assholes." As you can see, she uses "words" like "heteronormative" to sound clever and informed, a tactic which invariably fails and makes one look presumptuous and pretentious. ... Word to the wise: Sarcastic fat girls don't go to the prom!
Genius. If there's one way to counter my charge that this game will reinforce fat-hating and heteronormativity, it's to mock me for being fat and note I "took time out of doing [my] husband's laundry" to write the post. Boy, was I ever wrong, huh? Consider me sufficiently chastened!

Ditto the plethoric comments calling me a "fat lesbo bitch." Love it. Anyone who thinks I consider "fat," "lesbo," or "bitch" an insult obviously hasn't spent much time at Shakesville. And anyone who uses those terms as insults is saying a lot more about themselves than they are about me. Namely, that they're fat-hating, homophobic misogynists...and now we're back to my original post again! Wheeeeeeee!

Way to prove me wrong, dudez.

[Note to moderators: Just leave up the idiotic comments. Let them prove the point even more. Ergo: Trigger warning in effect for comments.]

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