More Support for the Position That Humankind Has Had Its Day and Now Just Needs to Go Away

I just need to say: I fucking hate the Fox game show "Moment of Truth" more than just about anything I've ever seen on network television.

I watched a few minutes of it once and wanted to vomit. I merely saw the adverts for the episode collapsed into a single minute below, and I was utterly fuming. In case you're unfamiliar with the concept, people are asked personal, embarrassing, and otherwise squirm-inducing questions which they must answer truthfully (determined by polygraph) in front of their closest friends and family to win money.

In this episode, the contestant was an EMT asked not only if he was repulsed by fat people, but also whether he'd ever "touched a female patient more than your job requires?" Ya know, because sexual assault is perfect game show fodder.

Gagginating. Truly.

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