Kelly Newcom is NOT a racist!

by Shaker Praxxus

How dare you suggest such a thing! Kelly Newcom of Ash Flat, AR is not racist! Just because he printed up a t-shirt called "Happy Hussein" featuring Curious George an unidentified monkey holding up a sign reading "A truth we can Believe in '08" on the front, then the list of several black organizations, some Hispanic organizations, and the KKK on the back and mailed them to The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and other organizations listed on his non-racist shirt the day after Obama claimed the Democratic Party's nomination? You obviously have no idea what you're talking about!

"It's not a racial thing," Newcom told The Washington Post's The Sleuth. "I was extremely vexed over the fact that individuals who have no idea who I am and no idea what my motives were to sit and accuse me of being a racist," Newcom said in an e-mail, adding, "I am far from it and I care not what race, sex, or religion a person is."

To prove his point, Newcom—a proclaimed McCain supporter—then went on to complain about the "preferred treatment" minority groups receive:
Newcom, who makes t-shirts for Spring River Tees, said in a subsequent telephone interview that he also sent four of the shirts in question to Barack Obama's former church, the United Church of Christ in Chicago. He also said he plans to vote for John McCain this fall.

Newcom made the shirts, he says, to protest what he sees as a disparity between minority organizations and white groups. "Why are the minority groups allowed to have these organizations? Just let a white organization be formed and it causes an uproar. Just try finding a white one on the net, listen to the crickets chirp."

Newcom also said the monkey, which looks identical to Curious George, has a bag over his head "hiding his face so as not to get confused with some other form of artwork which he may or may not resemble." He said the bag is "not some lynching bag or any other crazy idea that once again, people who want to be offended, will read into it."
Sure Kelly. Not a racist at all.

Here's some advice, pal: If you're concerned about people who don't know you or your motives accusing you of being racist, maybe next time you shouldn't use such a … well … racist greeting card to introduce yourself! Jackass.

Full Disclosure: Praxxus originally hails from very near Ash Flat, AR, but has no affiliation with the odious Mr. Newcom nor Spring River Tees. He does, however, know that Spring River Tees would like to hear from you.


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