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Dear Asshole Obama Supporters* Who Invaded the For the Record Thread:

That you can't allow one. fucking. post. to exist where feminists can mourn the misogyny that has gone on during this primary—a post in which, by the way, I said fuck all about Obama, except to refer to the "the breathtakingly awesome celebration of the first ever presumptive nominee of color, ZOMG"—without striding in like bullies, beating your chests, berating women, and generally acting like lousy shitheads, without a trace of fucking irony, and kept on even after I politely noted it was neither the time nor the place, is just gobsmackingly rude behavior.

And, beyond that, it's not even good for the candidate you purport to support so voraciously that you can't stop yourselves.

Who is now the presumptive Democratic candidate, which means that anyone who doesn't want to see McCain in the White House—which probably includes everyone at this blog, including those who won't personally vote for Obama—have all got an interest in what's good for him.

And, unless I'm mistaken, the foundation of Obama's candidacy is that he is a harbinger of hope and change who can bridge that which divides us.

So maybe you'd like to try not undermining the rationale for his candidacy by fastidiously pouring lemon juice into open wounds wherever you see them. See, if he's trying to sell himself to the general public as a uniter, and many of his most vocal supporters are going around behaving like juvenile thugs, that's not going to help him.

It hasn't been helping him for awhile, but it's really not going to help him now that the national media is going to fix on him like a starving dog on its dinner. And they just went from being on Obama's side to destroy Clinton, to being on their golden boy McCain's side, to destroy Obama. Any crack in his armor, any vulnerability, will be exploited. And you bet your ass that a teeming mass of jerks who continually undermine his candidacy's raison d'ĂȘtre will be turned into a problem for him. You think I'm wrong? Obama just quit his church because of other people over whom he had no control.

The best thing you can do for Obama is stop being assholes.

And, just as a personal aside, being belligerent toward and dismissive of women who care about their inequality isn't hopeful—and it sure ain't change. That's as old as humankind.

Maybe it's time to try something new.


* To the Obama supporters who were not assholes, this isn't directed to you.

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