From the Mailbag

Lots of good stuff recommended via email over the weekend…

Shaker Nancy passes on this tidbit about a theory that it's women's periods who give them a longer life expectancy than men because "the hormone endogenous estradiol, which is released during the menstrual cycle and in pregnancy, 'provokes marked cardiovascular changes.' It increases the cardiac output to a degree that mimics the effect of cardio exercise. In other words, this researcher says having a period year in and year out, over time, creates a stronger heart." Which, if correct, questions the wisdom of no-period birth control.

Shaker Linmeister recommends this "beautiful rant on Fox News, Michelle Malkin and Baby Mama."

Shaker JMonkey sends this video (via TPM) of his senator (Gordon Smith, OR) "saying that he voted against same-sex marriage rights because if you define marriage, people will be driven into the wilderness just like the Mormons. Or something like that."

Shaker Ethnicwoman passes on this story from Der Spiegel about a German toymaker who "has paid the ultimate tribute to presidential hopeful Barack Obama by immortalizing him in the form of a collector's doll" but "admits that it was tricky to get the skin tone correct." Um, yeah. Says Ethnicwoman, "Reminds me of this sketch starring Sammy Davis Jr. from the Carol Burnett Show." Totally.

Shaker Emily sends this video—a 14-minute YouTube documentary produced by Planned Parenthood about "the ONLY North Dakota abortion clinic." This is exactly what I'm talking about when I say that using Roe as a cudgel to beat feminists into line during elections isn't working anymore, because people who are paying attention know there are large swaths of the country for which a constant fight for accessible legal abortion is already a reality.

Shaker Midnight C emails this item (video here) of a female sports broadcaster being subjected to comments on her dress by male colleagues. A perfect example of how professional women are reminded in big and small ways every day that they are women first, colleagues second.

Shaker Jakob sends on some good news: British army to allow uniforms at gay pride march. Cool!

And more good news care of Shaker ASharpie1: Lesbian couple of 55 years ready to say 'I do'. That's so awesome it's like a ginormous awesome thing with lots of little awesome bits all over it.

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