Which one of these things doesn't belong?

From the front webpage of this morning's Guardian.
(Screen cap of the front page of this morning's Life & Style section.)

I guess "Spirit of the Beehive" would be the "style" part and "Millions of mothers lost" would be the "life" part of the "Life & Style" section, eh?

The "Life & Style" section reads, at the top of its page frame "Fashion, food & drink, and ethical living." I'd love to know into which of those topics the story "Millions of mothers lost" fits. Here's its first paragraph; tell me what you think:
The story of Yeruknesh Mesfin's death starts on the day of her birth, in an Ethiopian village so remote that its name, Goradit, literally means "cut off". At 10 days old, Mesfin was circumcised by a local woman, and by the age of seven, with no education, she was put to work looking after her family's cattle. At 13, she was abducted and raped by a 32-year-old farmer, who married her; soon afterwards, she became pregnant. Without any medical advice during the whole nine months, she went into labour, "clutching her pillow, calling repeatedly for her mother while tears flowed down her cheeks". Her husband called for help, but the complications proved too difficult for the village's traditional birth attendant. In desperation, the men of the village carried Mesfin to the nearest hospital, where both she and her baby died. She was 15.
Hmm. Not very fashionable, and there's nothing abut food & drink, so I guess…ethical living? That must be it. If only Yeruknesh Mesfin had lived a more ethical life during her 15 years, she wouldn't have been mutilated, kidnapped, raped, impregnated, and killed by a childbirth for which she was fatally unprepared.

The story is also filed in the subcategorized "Women" section of "Life & Style."

And you thought feminists were just being snarky bitches when we say things like, "If it's a story about a woman, it's automatically relegated to the society pages."

[H/T Shaker Jemima.]

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