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Campaigning in Kentucky, Clinton hears sermon on infidelity:
Hillary Clinton left Oregon late Friday night to focus her efforts on Kentucky before the state’s primary on Tuesday. “My opponent said the other day he wasn’t coming back so I’ve got the whole state to myself. What a treat!” Clinton exclaimed at a Sunday afternoon rally at Western Kentucky University.

What was likely less of a treat was Pastor Paul Fryman’s sermon she heard Sunday morning at Bowling Green’s State Street United Methodist Church on marriage and adultery entitled “When the Devil Whispers Over Your Shoulder.”

Pastor Fryman launched into his sermon with Matthew 5, verse 27, “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

The verse goes on to say anyone guilty is better off plucking out their eye or cutting off their hand lest they end up in hell.
The article also helpfully reports that Clinton sat "quietly in the second pew praying and singing along with the rest of the congregation" and "smiled broadly as a baby was baptized." Probably because she wanted to DEVOUR IT!!!

Anyway… So, what's the news here exactly? If you answered "There isn't any" to that question, you're right—give yourself a cookie! There is, in fact, no news here whatsoever; the subject of the sermon would never have been reported except for the fact that, in case you haven't heard, HER HUSBAND CHEATED ON HER!!!11!!elevety-one!!!!! Like 13 years ago. Reporting that he was in church when that sermon was given would have been tasteless and pointless; reporting that she was present for it is just an attempt to humiliate her.

[H/T to Shakers MsFeasance, AcerRubrum, and Bill in Birmingham. I'm excluding this from the Sexism Watch by the skin of its teeth, and only because I can imagine if the sexes were reversed, CNN still would have published this swill, with the same intent—to further humiliate the victimized spouse.]

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