Pondering the shit not being addressed whilst folks pretend to debate isms…

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A bitch watched the primary coverage yesterday for a wee bit and then I had to turn that shit off.

I’ve found myself getting drawn into debates over campaign bullshit and distracted from the real issues that are at play in this election year.

So, I took a break last night and my ass is glad for it because I woke up this morning to several e-mails asking this bitch whether I thought sexism or racism have had a greater impact on the Democratic side of things.



Sexism has been a factor in the primary race?

Of course it has.

This is America and you can drop a period and end that sentence after 'factor'. I’m not disturbed by pundits pondering whether the political press has indulged in a sexism gorge fest…my ass is disturbed that anyone who regularly watches these people could work up shock over the sexism gorge fest taking place.

I’m a woman (and by the way, someone needs to tell these same assholes that ‘woman’ comes in multiple shapes, colors, backgrounds and orientations) and my ass is deeply involved in politics. Sexism is a factor…in print, on television, on the fucking radio and in the minds of voters.

So a bitch wasn’t shocked.

I was disappointed…

…and more than a little rattled at the overt and unapologetic nature of the beast.


Racism has been, is and will remain a factor in American political life. I will admit that my dreamy eyed optimistic hope that racism wouldn’t be used as a political tool during the Democratic Primary season was…well, dreamy eyed and overly optimistic.

My bad (wince).

But a bitch wasn’t shocked.

I was, once again, disappointed…

…and more than a little rattled at the overt and unapologetic nature of the beast.

Pause…sip ice water…continue.

The difference between this bitch and some pundits and supporters is that my ass couldn’t fix my face to deny that sexism has played a role in this shit if the reward was a life free of bullshit. But some would deny that racism has been in play. Others still seek to engage in an 'oppression off' and debate whether racism is more harmful that sexism or sexism is more harmful than racism or your momma said my momma said blah followed by blah followed by Jesus bullshit sure...does...stink.

Well, this bitch ain’t playing that tired ass insulting and bound to get you nowhere fast game.

I am a woman of color and my angry black self is subject to both and the beneficiary of neither.

This election matters in a lot of ways but one key way is that it presents the Democratic Party and candidates to the American people. Breaking news, y'all – most Americans aren’t into party politics. Oh, they may vote…but that doesn’t mean that they define themselves by party affiliation. And those that don’t vote often cite party–based drama as a reason for not voting.

So here y'all are baiting and insulting and pandering your way to the convention where some are threatening to bait, insult and pander their way to the nomination…bare-assed and naked as the day you were born and demonstrating no home training for all the world to see.


But this election matters and I can't afford for that to get lost in the bullshit.

My community needs change...in our education policy, funding for programs that assist the mentally disabled, housing, health care, std prevention and comprehensive sex education, job creation, investment in industries that create jobs and so much more.

This is not a game to me or an opportunity to increase the number of visitors to this blog.

This is the shit…the show, for the love of all that matters.

Let’s all try to keep that in mind while others attempt to stir shit through June 3rd.

Don’t get me wrong…a bitch thinks a serious discussion of racism and sexism is long overdue. I am not a fan of the school of tolerance.

But the second someone says in reference to this election cycle that sexism was in play but racism wasn’t, trust that a serious discussion of anything is not about to follow.

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