Oooh, interesting.

Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL), a senior member of the Judiciary Committee, wants the McClellaton 3000 to testify before Congress:
Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Florida, said McClellan, who served as the president's press secretary before leaving the White House in 2006, would be able to provide valuable insight into a number of issues that the House Judiciary Committee is investigating.


"The administration has always called for different kinds of privileges to avoid their officials testifying, but because Mr. McClellan has put all this information in a book, these privileges, I do not believe, would be available to the administration, so we would have a free flow of information," Wexler said.
Oooh, game on! And what are they investigating? The firing of the eight attorneys, the (mis)use of intelligence for the war, and the leaking of Valerie Plame's identity.

The White House came out huffing and hissing:
Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino, however, said Friday that the White House says it could invoke executive privilege and prevent McClellan from testifying before the committee, but it has not decided whether to do so.

"The law would allow for that," Perino said, "but by saying that I am not suggesting that's what would happen or not.

"We don't have a formal request yet," she said. "It's not a decision we would make prior to getting a formal request."
Oh please, when have you waited for any formal anything? Anyway, Wexler farts in their general direction:
But Wexler said that any White House claims of executive privilege would be invalid because McClellan had put much of the information in the public domain with book and multiple television appearances.


Wexler said McClellan should testify because the public has a right to know what went on behind closed doors.

"The American people deserve to know under oath what is true and what isn't [and] what this administration engaged in in terms of a conspiracy to obstruct justice."
Oooh, snap! I hope it works, Wexler. I really do.

The McClellaton 3000 said he is willing to testify.

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