Obama on California Marriage Decision

His is the first response of the two Dems:
Barack Obama has always believed that same-sex couples should enjoy equal rights under the law, and he will continue to fight for civil unions as President. He respects the decision of the California Supreme Court, and continues to believe that states should make their own decisions when it comes to the issue of marriage.
That's a weird-ass statement. And it's a weird-ass statement because instead of celebrating equality outright, he's using the occasion to pander to homophobes by implicitly reassuring them he's not happy about this whole marriage business—even though he "respects" the court's decision.

Which, by the way, he actually doesn't—because the court's decision is that domestic partnerships (even closer to marriage than most civil unions are) were yet, in fact, a poor imitation of marriage. So resolving to "fight for civil unions" is actually saying he'll shoot to undermine the court's finding.

Certainly that was not what he intends to convey to proponents of marriage equality, but that's the reality of what he's saying.

Clinton hasn't made a statement yet. When she does, I hope it's better—and fear it won't be. The Dems are scarily consistent in their willingness to punt on marriage equality.

(Btw, here are just a few reasons why the "leave marriage to the states" argument is complete horseshit on its face.)

[H/T to Shaker Jmonkey.]

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