No and No

FAIL. Got anything better on the burner, Adam Sandler?

FAIL. I blame Sacha Baron-Cohen.

Oh, and, by the way?—Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, you're no Sacha Baron-Cohens.

Shit like this is why it's so natural for feminists/womanists, LGBTQ activists, racial equality/civil rights advocates, fat and disability activists, etc. to be allies, even aside from intersectional identities. There's almost never a backslide of sensitivity or an outright backlash of hostility against one group, but not the others. Between the two trailers, there's plenty misogyny, homophobia, racism, and mockery of different body types to go around.

[To those who would exhort me to see the films before making judgments, I've got no love for films who trick ignoramuses into theaters with the opportunity to laugh at funny accents and zany ethnic wardrobes, or boobies and queers, or fat people and dwarves, for two hours only to try to make it all okay with a tacked-on feelgood moral-of-the-story ending about how even "different" people deserve love or wev. Fuck that. They're the cinematic equivalent of deathbed confessions. It's cynical and nasty, and I'm not going to withhold judgment on films that deliberately market themselves as xenophobic, sexist, queer-hating, lowest-common-denominator muck, and spend most of their screen-time being precisely that, "enlightened" ending or not.]

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