Need a Laugh?

Shaker Rowan passes on this gem from Jacki Schechner at AmericaBlog:
John and Joe invited me to podcast again with them today, and we addressed the issue of sexism and misogyny in the current Democratic primary. I personally haven't seen or heard of any... Give me an example. Like I said, I can't think of any time that Clinton's being female has come up in conversation as a reason to vote against her. Where's this sexism taking place? Not on TV. Not online where I read and communicate. Point it out. I'll be happy to speak up against it.
Well, gee, I can think of A HUNDRED AND THREE EXAMPLES right off the top of my head. Eric Boehlert's got some more here that aren't included in my list. And, say, here's a thread with about a billion more examples!

Btw, I love the construct that sexism only matters if it's used specifically in the context of "a reason to vote against her." Right. And everyone thinks the Curious George "Obama in '08" t-shirt is fine and dandy since it doesn't explicitly say "Don't vote for Obama." Christ.

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