Hillary Sexism Watch, #103

A few people have now sent notes about the image currently featured at Mark Halperin's blog at Time:

To be quite honest, I don't have the foggiest fooking clue what it's even intending to convey; is Hillary Clinton supposed to be damsel in distress and train? Is this supposed to be communicating that she's her own victim, her own enemy? I don't get it. Imagery FAIL.

What I do get is the inherent sexism in any "damsel in distress" imagery, and that this is yet another in an increasingly long series of violent metaphors used in association with Clinton, where the "death" of her campaign is overtly conflated with her personal death.

It seems that, once upon a time, the progressive blogosphere was concerned with eliminationist rhetoric when it was used against Democrats/liberals/progressives. What happened to that...?

And why is it, do you think, that so many progressive bloggers were willing to take Clinton to task for carelessly invoking RFK's assassination without thought to what it might mean to people of color (just for a start), but don't seem to give the tiniest, microscopic shit that brutal, violent, morbid rhetoric and imagery is regularly and deliberately used by the mainstream media to talk about Clinton?

To those of us who blog with regularity about the violent mistreatment of women all over the globe on a daily basis, to see such indifference to eliminationist rhetoric about a liberal, feminist, female presidential candidate is utterly appalling.

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