And I Thought Girlz Were Supposed to be Bad at Math

From an irritatingly stupid AP article on MSN about whether the upcoming Sex and the City movie will be a hit despite its supposedly limited appeal:
"This movie really will be a paternity test for R-rated female-driven romantic comedies," said analyst Jeff Bock of box office tracker Reel Source. "There haven't been a lot of movies like this." Bock predicts the movie will have a strong opening weekend, then a big drop-off. "There's no getting around that this is a film oriented to women and gay men," he said. "It will be very hard to get past that, especially with a lot of testosterone-driven films out there this summer."
Okay, first of all, paternity test? WTF? That doesn't even make sense, douchebrain.

Secondly: Women = approximately 52% of the population. Gay men = approximately 10% of the male population. How, exactly, does that add up to a smaller potential audience than "testosterone-driven" dudely films for the straight menz?

(Oh, right. Because women will go see dick flicks, but no self-respecting straight dude would go see a ZOMG CHICK FLICK!!!11!eleventy-one!!! Except for the promise of a blowjob, of course.)

Meanwhile, the title of this idiotic pile of shite is "Can women alone make 'Sex and the City' a hit?" Well, guess the fuck what? If gay men are planning on going to Sex and the City in large numbers (and they fookin' are!), that alone makes the question moot now, doesn't it?!

[H/T to Shaker Kristin.]

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