Question of the Day

[In honor of Mr. Roger Ebert's upcoming return to reviewing, I thought I'd recycle this QotD from October 2006, in which he featured prominently.]

Famously, movie critic Roger Ebert did not like the movie The Usual Suspects. When he found himself in a distinct minority, he said, approximately, "It's obviously just me. I didn't get it."

Sometimes, you don't think it really is you. Sometimes, you truly believe everyone else is nuts. But then there are other times that you think, no...I think I'm the one who's nuts this time, though I'm not sure why.

The discussion in an earlier Borat thread, in which some people said though they don't find it offensive, they also just don't find it funny, made me think about the things that aren't generally considered an acquired taste (even though Borat probably is an acquired taste), but that I just didn't "get." Things that were popular, and I couldn't bloody understand why I didn't see what everyone else seemed to see...and I found myself channeling Ebert. It's obviously just me.

The first of these was Michael Jackson. When I was in grade school, everyone I knew was mad for him. Thriller was everywhere. We had a jukebox in the lunchroom, and it played MJ almost nonstop (or so it seemed). I thought the video for Thriller was cool, but the song I couldn't have cared less about, and even less so the man who sang it. I liked Culture Club, and The Eurythmics, and David Bowie. But those fags were totally weird, man.

Unlike Michael Jackson.

Anyhow, so here's the Question of the Day: What popular person, song, movie, fashion, or whatever else has failed utterly to capture your fancy, but you're pretty sure it was just you?

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