I just heard "Born in the USA" on the oldies station. What the fook?! Thanks a ton for making me feel old as dirt, oldies station!

I was 10 when that album came out. I played the hell out of it. There was much dancing around my bedroom with a hairbrush, singing "Glory Days" and "I'm on Fire" at the top of my lungs, with nary the faintest clue what either song meant until many years later.

I also recall writing an essay about Bruce Springsteen, something about heroes or people we'd like to meet or something like that, and misspelling his last name "Springstein." It must have been an over-the-Christmas-break homework assignment, because my grandma was visiting from NYC; I remember giving her the essay to read and having her tell me "It's s-t-e-e-n, Lisser," then taking a long drag on her cigarette.

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