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Senator Straight Talk Won't Go on the Record with Project Vote Smart:

For an advocate of straight talk and government transparency, John McCain has been less than clear with a voter-education nonprofit, on whose board he serves, about why he hasn't responded to its survey of issue positions. Now, after nine months, 17 phone calls, and 8 emails asking McCain to state exactly where he stands on key issues, Montana-based Project Vote Smart is poised to kick McCain off its board later this week.
Clinton and Obama haven't responded, either, as part of a general declining trend in politicians participating—which might be a commentary on the candidates or might be a commentary on the survey; perhaps a little of both. But what I don't understand is why McCain, if he has good reason to not want to participate, hasn't quit the board instead of waiting to be kicked off. Daft.

Another example of how terrible he really is at politics. If the press didn't inexplicably love him, and the GOP hadn't fielded the worst group of candidates since Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Adolph Hitler were nominated for Pageant Queen magazine's Miss Congeniality 1944 Award, John McCain would be sitting in his senate office where he belongs, his most pressing agenda items being "clip toenails" and "secure rootbeer with lots of ice."

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