Happy 40th Birthday, Space Cowboy!!!

Technically, Space Cowboy's birthday isn't until tomorrow, but since it's a BIG ONE, I thought we'd celebrate this afternoon and evening, instead of on the weekend.

As has been documented by the man himself, Space Cowboy first found his way to Shakesville via a link at Crooks and Liars in September of 2006. He stuck around, became a regular commenter, and eventually became a contributor, whose regular documentation of Bush's economic supergeniosity and exhortations to Senator Jim Inhofe to piss off are now legendary. (At least in his own mind.)

But behind the scenes of this blogtacular blossoming has been the forging of one of the best friendships of my life, and, though I wouldn't presume to speak for Iain, I'm pretty sure he'd say the same. He doesn't just spend humongo amounts of time in the nerdery with just anyone, after all.

I could tell you in a thousand different ways what a great guy Space Cowboy really is, or list the reasons why I totally dig him, but instead I'll simply say this: He is a good person, through and through. I know lots of people who are funny as hell, or smart as a whip, or interesting as all get-out—and he is all of these things—but I know a whole lot fewer who are just as admirably, reliably decent as he is. I am lucky to know him—and Space Cowgirl, too, who is every bit as wonderful herself.

In February, Space Cowboy and Space Cowgirl came to visit at Shakes Manor, which was the first time we'd all met in person, and it was like we'd been friends our whole lives. I hope we are friends for the rest of them.

Here's to at least another 40. I love ya, SC. Happy birthday.

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