Today in Unintentional Irony

Under the headline "Clinton plays victim and victimizer," Politico honcho Roger Simon writes: "She not only is vigorously attacking Barack Obama but simultaneously portraying herself as a victim. It is a nifty political two-step. She is a victim because a male-dominated press corps has counted her out, she says, and has lavished praise on Obama without submitting him to any real scrutiny."

The thing is, back when Obama was claiming that he faced "the most entrenched political machine in Democratic politics," he was an underdog. Not a victim. An underdog. And he wasn't "playing" one. He was one. And trading on that was not "victimizing" or "attacking" Clinton, but challenging her.

He was an underdog challenging the frontrunner.

She's playing victim while simultaneously victimizing the frontrunner.

This I noticed while reading a story about Hillary claiming she faces a press corps that treats her unfairly, in which the writer implicitly sniffs at her complaint and casts her as "playing" victim and victimizer, all without a trace of irony.

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