Take Your Boobs and Go Home

Shorter Nicholas Kristof: Hillary's a bitch, and she only has a right to stay in the campaign if she behaves like a good girl. Also, the Clintons are an amorphous two-headed beast who are barely Democrats.

There is a fair argument to be made about the wisdom of a protracted primary battle if it continues to be as bloody as it has been (though I'm not sure how many people outside the blogosphere and punditry actually view it as all that bloody). But that argument can be made without pretending the Clinton campaign is the only one playing hardball, and it can be made without talking about the Clintons—who, despite one's opinion of them, have raised shitloads of cash and garnered lots of international goodwill on behalf of the Democratic Party—like they're unwelcome interlopers in the party, and it can most certainly be made without comments like: "If Mrs. Clinton can run a high-minded, civil campaign and rein in her proxies, then she has every right to continue through the next few primaries."

Actually, Mr. Kristof, she has every right no matter what kind of campaign she runs. That's an American right, and it is operable for men and uppity bitches.

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