Random YouTubery: Del Boy with the Smooth Moves

From Only Fools and Horses, perhaps the best British sitcom that hasn't ever really permeated the American consciousness. It's quintessentially British, but eminently relatable, so I'm not sure why it's never made as successful a journey across the pond as some other British series.

Mr. Shakes once mentioned how he loved this show as a kid, so I've been getting him one series (season) on DVD on his birthday or other special occasions, and I've absolutely fallen in love with it. There were 65 episodes starting in 1981 and ending (?) in 2003, with one episode which aired in 1996 holding the record for the biggest audience in British history. So popular was the show that it's been credited with popularizing the Britishisms plonker, dipstick, twonk, and wally, all favorites of Del Boy for insulting his long-suffering "little" brother, Rodney.

Sir David Jason, who plays Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter, is an absolute genius and a British institution; Shakers who are fans of Eddie Izzard will see the influence in Izzard's humor and mannerisms, and fans of The Office (UK) and Extras will no doubt see traces of Jason in Ricky Gervais' characters, too. If you've never seen it, get it on your Netflix queue tout de suite!

(A full episode is below. Please note: If you've seen the entire show from start to finish, please don't ruin any surprises in later series for newcomers to the show!)

What you need to know: Derek (or Del Boy) runs an "independent trading company," which means he's an unlicensed market trader who sells and buys dodgy goods, but is generally on the right side of the law. Rodney (or Rodders) is his younger brother, who is the "minority partner" in Trotter Independent Traders, meaning he's basically Del Boy's lackey. Granddad is their granddad, and all three live together in a coucil tower in a bad bit of London. Trigger is their trusted but daft mate, who is inexplicably convinced that Rodney's name is Dave.

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