A Perfect Storm of Misogyny, All on One Dudebelly

Whilst doing a completely unrelated image search, I just stumbled across a truly magnificent image, so perfect in its encapsulation of myriad expressions of the hatred and objectification of women that it is as compelling as it is appalling. And the best part? Some dude proudly had it tattooed right on his own belly, with his navel serving as the gaping cunt that is the centerpiece of this clusterfuckastrophe of misogynistic horror.

As you've probably guessed, the image is not worksafe, so I've tucked it below the fold. Fair warning: You may want to don your crash helmets for this one.

Wow, right? I hardly know where to begin, no less determine what's the most disturbing thing about this ode to misogyny. Is it the female figure's inscrutable expression, hovering somewhere between the vague, vacant stare of a blow-up doll and the pleasure grimace of a counterfeit orgasm, ubiquitous in porn for straight men? Is it the fake woman's fake breasts, or her awkward positioning that gives the illusion of armlessness? Is it the fact that she is offered up as both figurative and literal piece of meat, about to be fucked from one end and devoured by a wolf from another? Is it that the wolf has been anthropomorphized with knife and fork, collared shirt and motherfucking monocle, as if to suggest an air of sophistication? As if to suggest men are nothing more than wild dogs under the thin veneer of civilization? It is that the woman is lunch—just a light, midday snack in between the most important meal of the day to the most substantial?

I am overwhelmed. Discuss.

(And, please, let's refrain from any fat-hating on the bearer of this eminently revolting tat, as it is truly irrelevant. Thank you.)

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