No Terrorism Since 9/11

In an article about a "small, pre-dawn explosion" at a military recruiting station in Times Square, which caused no injuries, I read this:
The blast is similar to two other incidents in New York, one in October and one in May 2005. Both times an explosive device was detonated around 3 a.m.

In the October incident, a bomb was detonated near the Mexican consulate, shattering windows. At that time the authorities said the explosive device was similar to the ones used in a May 2005 blast at the British consulate.
In those cases, as in this one, authorities were also "looking for a person spotted riding a bicycle in the area."

And I suppose we're meant to believe that three IEDs all set off around the same time in the same city on three different occasions, with three separate sightings of a man on a bike in the vicinity, is just a zany coincidence. Or something. But definitely not terrorism. Because there hasn't been any terrorism in America since 9/11. I know, because my president keeps telling me so, and he wouldn't lie…

Meanwhile, the rightwing wants to know which one of us troops-hating lefty terrorists are responsible. Cuz you know how we also hate Mexico. And Britian.

'Fess up, Shakers!

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