"No matter what the consequences were, we were going to do what was right."

Remember the bartender and waitress, Hannah Bridgeman-Oxley and Karri Cormican, who saved a woman from her date after the crime-fighting duo spotted him putting something in her drink?

Well, another waiter, with the help of his manager, has saved another woman under almost exactly the same circumstances.
[Colt Haugen], 22, a student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, was in his third week as a waiter at a local Ruby Tuesday restaurant last month when, he says, he spotted a customer slipping a pill into the drink of the woman he was with.

…"I was helping another server deliver food to a different table," Haugen continued. "And she got up from the table, and I noticed it was the only time she got up from the table. She walked away. And as soon as she turned her back, he pulled a pill out of his pocket and put it in her drink and stirred it in and mashed it in with a straw.

"I almost dropped the food I was holding. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, you know. I'm watching this, all the signs of this are there. I'm blown away.

"I talked with the manager. I told her, I said, 'I saw this plain as day. And if we don't do something about this, something's going to happen to this woman.' So, we both just agreed that, no matter what the consequences were, we were going to do what was right."

They then notified police, despite concern about the possibility of being accused by [Robert Psaty, 56] of making false accusations.
Haugen replaced the drink and turned over the contaminated one to police upon their arrival. Subsequent tests showed the drink contained Valium.

Psaty was arrested "on suspicion of inducing someone to consume a controlled substance" and is now free on bail.

Meanwhile, Nancy McGrath, who was saved by Haugen's quick-thinking and decency, considers the waiter "an angel" who possibly saved her life.

Warning: Possible blubbing ahead.

[H/T to Ginmar.]

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