No Grover Left Behind

Grover Norquist's opinion on the raising of fuel economy standards to 35 mpg by the year 2020:
The government itself has calculated that around 2000 people a year are killed because of those CAFÉ standards and our cheerful government has just voted to increase them, to make cars lighter, smaller. And more people will die. I mean 2,000 people a year die because the environmentalists think that you should be in a smaller car because it offends their sensitivities that you’re using gasoline.
One of the necessary evils of free speech is having to put up with people who get the opportunity to spew drivel and horseshit while running around with scissors in a toga.

Grover would have us believe that increasing fuel efficiency and eventually weaning ourselves off of oil will actively kill people.

Grover would have us believe that our salvation lies with the unchecked consumption of oil, to the point of its dribbling out of our ears.

Grover would have us believe that more lives would be saved and enriched if we kept driving vehicles that use more gasoline, consequently forcing people to keep paying more as gas prices continue to increase.

Grover would have us believe that he is not in any need of remedial education, despite the clear lack of intellect that could actually forge a relationship between fuel efficiency and fatalities, thereby making Grover dumber than a bag of hammers.

Grover should shut the fuck up and actually think before he spews.

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