How Odd!

Fucking Reuters' Odd News is going to drive me to an early grave.

Today's collection of stories provides a perfect example of how, while stories about the mistreatment of women are included as "odd" in the sense that they are perceived to be "unusual"—although the more I write this series, the more evident it should become how aggravatingly not unusual violence against women in any form actually is—their inclusion among the typical "water-skiing squirrel" fare minimizes the gravity of women's suffering.

Let's play a game of Which One of These Things Doesn't Belong?

If you haven't gotten it yet, I'll give you a hint—it's the one about the woman forced to swim with fucking piranhas!
Police rescued two teenage Bulgarian sisters from a circus in southern Italy which forced one of them to swim with flesh-eating piranhas for the amusement of guests, police said.

While the 19-year-old sister swam in a transparent tank, the younger, 16-year-old was forced into a container where the circus staff tossed snakes at her. She was injured by one of the snakes, police said.
Child abuse—how delightfully "odd"!

And totally on par with a busted ferris wheel, a bingo winner, a restaurant check reduced for bugs in the food, and two dipshits setting a fire with a "Rodenator" while trying to kill fucking gophers! What kind of damn idiot looks at all these stories and doesn't understand how including among them a news item about young women forced to submit their bodies to piranhas and snakes for circus-goers' amusement isn't bloody appropriate?! Ugh.

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