Ezra Klein Says Something That is True

I don't really have much to add to this:
[I]f you're a white male, please do not loudly proclaim that Hillary Clinton's election would be meaningless for feminism or for women because she's only in this position because she married Bill Clinton or because Barack Obama is the true feminist or because you don't like her. Having talked this through with some of the women in my life, I'm now convinced that, as a white guy, you, and I, have no idea what it would mean to see a woman elected to the presidency. It's just not within our universe of experience. That is not to say Clinton's run is more or less historic than Obama's, and it's not to say that Clinton can't be criticized or should be supported. But 50+ percent of this country is female, a sizable majority of the electorate is female, and of 42 separate presidents, we've never had a woman. It matters, and that should be acknowledged whether or not you support her candidacy.
Exactly right. Both Clinton and Obama represent transformative figures in American politics, and one hopes both presage a long run of people who don't look like me running for the presidency, and winning. Whatever the outcome of this election, Clinton's presence in it has been a positive.

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