Bush: Legacy of Waste

Mr. I-Loves-Me-A-Big-Strong-Dollar sure knows how to come up with more ways to throw those dollars away.

Last year, a proposed budget rule came down the pike that requires U.S. contractors to report all fraud and abuse that they come upon during their work for the government. Little did people realize, only until recently, that the published rule which came out late last year contained an interesting exemption:
But in a twist that has evolved into a Capitol Hill mystery, the proposed rule that the White House's Office of Management and Budget published late last year includes language that would exempt from such reporting all U.S. contractors who do work overseas.

Yes, that red flag you see is the all-inclusive "WTF!" on a proposed ruling that would effectively allow overseas contractors to waste all kinds of fucking money, while we're shoveling funds down the shitter at the rate of $12 billion a month. The Justice Department and Congress are pretty pissed off at this, both wanting to know who slipped this exemption in and and what the hell can be done to get it out of there. Given the White House's stance on the matter, I don't think we have to look very far to see who's involved in the slip:
A spokeswoman for the White House Office of Management and Budget, which reviews contracts policy, said comments about any part of the proposed crackdown "will be taken into full consideration." She would not specifically discuss the overseas exemption or the investigation it prompted.

"Federal agencies and OMB have taken the initiative in strengthening accountability in contracting with this proposed rule," OMB spokeswoman Jane Lee said in a statement. "The public, Congress and all agencies have the opportunity to review and comment during a well-established and thorough deliberative process."

The White House has declined to say whether the loophole, first reported last month by The Associated Press, will remain in the plans when they are finalized later this year.
What in the Sam Hill is that dumb ass vague-speech supposed to be? Taken into full consideration? Thorough deliberative process?

See Jane obfuscate.

Seriously, this is such a no-brainer. For someone who is saying nothing else lately but "I'm sure when history looks back on this administration...", he keeps finding ways to ensure that history will look at his administration and repeatedly smack him on the head and kick him in the junk for all of the stupid shit he has done during his tenure. How is that generous economic stimulus package going to offset all of the waste that would theoretically not have to be accounted for during all the contract work in Iraq? I mean, shit - he's not even using the good PR opportunity that's being thrown in his stinking lap! All he would have to do right now is lie and say that he knew nothing about the exemption rule and that there's no question it should be out. Instead, he lets the OMB act as if the removal of the exemption is something for them to mull over from an item someone threw into the suggestion box to improve the office decor.

Long live the legacy!

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