What do Jonathan Hoenig and Michael Vick have in common?

They're both sick fucktards who hate dogs:
Hoenig: Snacky dog is property. If I want to take Snacky’s head and smash it against a brick wall (I’d never do that to you) it’s my right to do it!

It’s my right to do it….
This is just too good. While receiving kisses from his loveable Snacky Dog in this interview, Hoenig thinks he is 100% entitled to smash Snacky's head into a wall, without any fear of consequence. I guess he never heard of those pesky things we have in this country called animal cruelty laws. It is hard to keep up with this stuff if you're busy hanging out in parks with a magnifying glass and killing ants. But hey - by all means smash that dog's head, Hoenig, and be sure to tell the judge and your subsequent prison inmates about those rights you have.


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