Superduperpooper Tuesday Open Thread

Instead of a QotD tonight, I'm just going to open up a thread for all things primary. I'll update the post with news about various primaries as results become available, and I'll keep this post on top until at least midnight CST; new posts below. Please feel free to post any news, chat about your votes, have a virtual drink, wev!

This just in: Barack Obama has won in Georgia!

Update One: Keith Olbermann in a pretty pink tie has just informed me that Obama has won in his home state of Illinois, and Hillary is projected to win in Oklahoma.

McCain has won in CT, New Jersey, and Illinois, and Willard wins in his home state of Massachusetts.

Update Two: Hillary is the projected winner in Tennessee, according to Keith.

Update Three: Hillary has won Arkansas. As has Mike Huckabee.

Lester Holt did a segment earlier about Latino voters, who are about 15% of the total Democratic primary voters and are breaking 61% in Hillary's favor. I have no brilliant commentary on that; just passing it along because I thought it was interesting, since we hear very little about Latino voters, despite their being a voting bloc approximately the same size as black voters.

Update Four: Hillary is the projected winner in her home state of New York and the projected winner in Massachusetts. (Looks like Teddy Kennedy's endorsement didn't help Obama, nor did John Kerry's.) Huckabee the projected winner in Alabama. Bill Richardson has grown a beard!

Bill the Bear

Update Five: Obama is the projected winner in Delaware.

Update Six: Clinton is the projected winner in New Jersey. Obama projected to win Alabama.

Update Seven: Obama is the projected winner in Utah and North Dakota.

Update Eight: Obama is the projected winner in Kansas.

Update Nine: Clinton is the projected winner in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Obama is the projected winner in Minnesota, Idaho, Colorado, and Missouri.

Update Ten: Final Scores appear to be:

Clinton took Arizona, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, bringing her to an estimated 534 delegates.

Obama took Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, and Utah, bringing him to an estimated 425 delegates.

I'm not sure what's going on with New Mexico. It's being called for both of them in different places. I would guess it goes to Clinton, although Chris Cillizza is calling it for Obama. Shrug.

In any case, it remains anyone's game, Shakers.

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