Piss Off, Inhofe: It's Not About You

There's an interesting battle going on right now between the Bush administration and the polar bear community (no, not that community; this community). The battle involves an area off Alaska's coast called the Chukchi Sea. This area, a polar bear habitat, supposedly houses 15 billion barrels of untapped crude oil, which some record revenue companies like Exxon/Mobil can't wait to drill and sell.

What makes this a tad sticky (no pun intended) is that there seems to be a little timing game going on with respect to when this area gets auctioned and when the polar bear is officially added to the list of endangered species:
The US Fish and Wildlife Service was supposed to make that decision in January but postponed the ruling by a month, saying that the matter needed more examination. Environmentalists have accused the Government of delaying the polar bear's designation deliberately for fear of complicating the sell-off.
It would certainly stand to reason that adding the polar bear to the endangered list now could indeed jeopardize the site auction to get more oil. Anyone who says that drilling there couldn't possibly disturb the polar bear in its habitat will clearly need to be reminded about the last time Exxon took a spin around Alaska. This big business greed at the expense of all else needs to be stopped and turned on its fucking head. Luckily, we'll have a leader next year who really understands that we've got to take steps to get away from oil, much to the chagrin of the greedy execs who will fight tooth and nail until that last drop is sold.

And what does all this have to do with that scumbag-piece-of-cranky-shit Inhofe? Well, I haven't ranted about him for a while, and I felt it was due. He's just the kind of guy I love to hate. Really. I don't get angry about him. I just revel in my pure hatred of him. The reason I hate him now is because his concern of the aforementioned battle only has to do with him:
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), who is known for his skepticism about global-warming measures, asked U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director H. Dale Hall last week whether listing the polar bear, could be used to halt the construction of a new power plant in Oklahoma City.
Basically, he's all for protecting those cuddly bears as long there's no global warming attached to it, which could then result in no power plant. It's too late, Inhofe. Even your current government is on board with what we've done to accelerate global warming. You're in the minority now.

And with more people getting involved, as yesterday showed, more people will state very clearly that they've had it with cranky-old-dipshits like yourself who contribute nothing to the betterment of this country.

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