Oh Noeees!! Not A President With An Emotional Body!!!!!

'Cuz that would be, like -- you know -- a disaster.

The asshat, misogynist press is at it again -- trying to get me to vote for Hillary just to spite them for making issues of things that would never be considered problematic in a male candidate:
Yep, it's official. Hillary Clinton is running to be Crybaby-in-Chief. According to the Tribune Co.'s politics blog, the Swamp, Clinton teared up after a heartfelt introduction by a former colleague at the Yale Child Study Center in New Haven, where she worked in college. The emotional speech led "Clinton's eyes to fill with tears, which she wiped out of her left eye," reads the report (so clinical). "Well, I said I would not tear up; already we're not exactly on the path," Clinton said immediately after. AHEM.

Now, to be fair to Clinton, who after all is human no matter what people say, hearing a tearful tribute to you from a former mentor is exactly the kind of thing that would choke up nearly anybody. ~ Daily Intelligencer
"To be fair to Clinton" . . . . yes -- let's do that, shall we? Shall we be fair to her?

Fairness Point A: In the mind-boggling, humongous number of times (two) that Hillary has "teared up" on camera -- in both cases, she was obviously moved -- not sad, not scared, not being a "cry-baby" -- moved -- in the first case, because she was speaking about her personal passion for the welfare of our nation, and the critical importance of this particular election.

And in the second case (video here -- can't embed), she gets choked up -- after the man who is introducing her gets choked up -- and she admits getting choked up, and then goes on with complete composure.

Such a cry-baby.

Of course, the man who is introducing her is not a cry-baby. No way -- he's a man who has enough maturity, self-confidence, and inner strength to show his emotions without worrying that it will erode his virility-- just like Pappy Bush:

When Hillary wipes a single tear from the corner of her eye, she's a cry-baby -- when Bush Sr. sobs like a baby, it's "A Father's Pride". See how that works?

(Hmmm- if Bush Senior could have rustled up as much emotion for the people he killed during "Desert Storm" as he did for his son's lost election, who knows where we'd be right now?)

Point B: Of all the things I dislike about Hillary Clinton, her ownership of an emotional body is not one of them. Personally, I find her ability to be moved, and her willingness to show it, refreshing.

In both cases, her external expression of emotion stemmed, as far as I can see, from her ability to connect with other humans, or the concept of a great nation, or her own passionate desire to change things.

I find that a rather appealing quality in a potential president, after years and years and years and years of presidential administrations who demonstrated an emotional range with only two settings: Cool, Calm, Collected Ass-Reaming -- or -- Frothing, Raging, Bullying War-Making.

So, to all those who think that Hillary is NOT being targeted -- as a woman -- in ways that are specifically effective because of institutionalized misogyny in our culture -- I'll say this: Maybe we need to retroactively impeach Pappy Bush -- he's obviously not emotionally stable enough to be President.

(And the first person who suggests that she was faking her tears gets a special Portly-Dyke virtual dope-slap in comments.)

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