Katie Couric Needs to STFU

This is just embarrassing:

Couric: What were you like in high school? Were you the girl in the front row, taking meticulous notes and always raising your hands? [Yes, she said "hands."]

Clinton: Not always raising my hand. Not always raising my hand!

Couric: Someone told me your nickname in school was Miss Frigidaire. Is that true?

Clinton: Only with some boys.

Couric: I don't know if I want to hear the back story on that!

Clinton: Yeah, well, you wouldn't want to know the boys, either. [laughs]
On the other hand, Couric did provide Hillary with yet another opportunity to show how deftly she handles shit like this: Couric tries to make being called "Miss Frigidaire" about some flaw in Hillary, and Hillary turns it around instantly, smooth as buttah, to point out it was about some flaw in the asshole boys who gave her the nasty moniker. And she laughs while doing it.

One day I hope to be that graceful under fire. Maude knows, I'm getting the practice.

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