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Dear CNN,

Please see my previous letter regarding Obama's scandalous failure to wear a flag lapel pin (and also, time permitting, my previous letter regarding Obama's drug use and post regarding Obama's being a heinous, pledge-disrespecting criminal) in which you will find my approximate sentiments about your awesome decision to run a "Quick Vote" poll on your front page yesterday question whether the Senator, and likely Democratic nominee for the presidency, "show[s] the proper patriotism for someone who wants to be president of the United States."

[Screen cap from CNN front page.]

As I know you're not particularly great with doing your homework, let me reiterate the highpoint of my earlier missive for you: If you're trying to spy unpatriotic interlopers in the general Beltway area, keep your eyes peeled for a collection of despicable miscreants who have launched two failed wars, robbed the country blind, devastated via neglect and incompetence the national infrastructure, let an American city drown, flagrantly disregarded the Geneva Conventions to torture enemy combatants, engaged in extraordinary rendition, tossed out habeas corpus like day-old bread, illegally spied on American citizens, tried to codify discrimination into the Constitution, celebrated unfunded educational mandates, sent soldiers with no body armor to fight in unprotected vehicles, let energy companies write the national energy policy, continually sniffed at an unprecedented number of uninsured Americans, increased both the teen pregnancy and abortion rates by an intractable insistence on abstinence-only sex education, equated dissent with treason, and, among a nonillion other things I could mention, spent the last seven+ years exploiting a tragic terrorist attack on American soil for political gain.

If you have any trouble finding them, they're the ones with the flag lapel pins, wrapped in the flag, waving a flag in one hand and furiously masturbating with a flag in the other, coming in red, white, and blue while farting Battle Hymn of the Republic.

And they hate this country and everything for which it's meant to stand with every fiber of their flag-clad beings.

Now run along and see if you can find any of those wankers about whom to ask your precious little question.


P.S. Since it appears you've run out of serious questions, here's a suggestion for you: Is a belligerent asshole who can't get along with his colleagues, even the ones on his own side of the aisle, flies off the handle when he doesn't get his way, is hostile toward anyone who disagrees with him, has no seeming objection to the casual use of sexist and racist language, and makes highly inappropriate jokes about war and death, including the murder of TV hosts and deaths of foreign leaders, really the kind of person who we want as our head of government, no less our head of state?

P.P.S. Go fuck yourselves, you rightwing talking point parroting plonkers.

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