"Confident Decision-Making in Situations That Can Be Quite Complex"

Yet another reason to be amazed that there are actually people who will argue with a straight face that feminists have to search out things about which to be angry: The most basic fundamental principle of equality—that women's bodies are their own, not community property—continues to elude lots of men all over the world:
[T]he Australian Football League has been forced to hire a swag of actors and a film crew to make an interactive DVD to … improve players' respect for women. Respect and responsibility program co-ordinator Melanie Heenan says it's to "prompt confident decision-making in situations that can be quite complex".

…We haven't seen the whole script yet, but three draft questions have come out. In one, a mate's girlfriend calls a player into her room under the mistaken impression he is her boyfriend. "Do you: (a) go and hop into bed and pretend to be him or (b) do you walk away?" is the choice offered in this very complex situation. In another, a player is with a girl who is under the influence: "Do you: (a) get her some water, (b) call her a taxi or (c) take her back to your place for sex?" The next scenario is: "The player's mate and his girlfriend are having sex. You can see them. Do you: (a) watch or (b) not watch?"
Oh, the complexity!

That these are considered complex ethical questions is just completely insane to me. It's like being asked: "You see your friend Todd walking down the street toward you. Do you: (a) say hello or (b) hit him in the head with a shovel?" Hmm…complex! If only there were a DVD to help me be confident in my decision-making!

We have really and truly failed when "to assume or not to assume identity of friend to fuck his girlfriend without her consent" is a serious moral dilemma.

Meanwhile, in further evidence of our collective failure, 600 people viewed video of a gang rape uploaded to YouTube before it was finally pulled: "In a three minute clip, a group of teenagers drugged and raped a 25-year-old mother. Her children, aged two and four, can be heard crying in the background."

I despair for the world sometimes. I really do.

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