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A bitch has been annoyed as hell over the use of language lately. When I hear certain words I just want to projectile vomit straight into the speaker’s mouth.

For example, change.

Saying change doesn’t equal making change and, even if it did, that wouldn’t guarantee that the change you intend to do will be positive. Every time I hear a politician say change I sit there waiting for someone in the audience to shout “Hey asshole, are you allergic to specifics or is your complete lack of them due to a moral objection to keeping it real?”

Shit, Scooter B. brought about change and this bitch will require years of therapy to recover from that shit.


Now, the economic shit storm has resulted in the resurrection of the word stimulus. A bitch is pretty sure stimulus is listed on the Top Ten Words That Make Talking Heads Sound Like They May Have a Clue list.


None of the talking heads seem to agree on how to stimulate the economy so instead they sit around debating whether the economy needs stimulation or not and putting a bitch to sleep.

From stimulus comes economic stimulus and then the oh so needed economic stimulus package. The stimulus package requires only one thing…a huge block of voters just waiting to be seduced by it.

Cue the middle class!

This bitch is pretty sure that there isn’t a more misunderstood group in America than the middle class. The middle class has been cast as the foundation, the salvation, the assholes that need to spend more money, the bedrock, the soul of the nation and the best client a capitalist drug pusher ever had all at the same time. The one thing I know the middle class isn’t is heavy in the pockets. Everyone I think is middle class is up to their eyelids in debt just like my working class peers.

Combine an election year, economic drama and a complete misunderstanding of the middle class….mix it all together…and you’ll end up with some politician saying something along the lines of “I will be an agent of change who will create an economic stimulus package that will revitalize the middle class.”

Note - traditional bullshit should be served steaming hot over a thick slab of ice.


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