Ro-Paul a Spoiler?

About a month after Ron Paul's record-breaking 24-hour fundraising juggernaut netted him $4.3 million in contributions, I offhandedly observed to Spudsy that it was sort of weird how he didn't seem to actually be spending any of it. We then immediately got distracted, no doubt, making fun of the Paulnuts or wondering what the Ronpaulbuxxx to Euros exchange rate was or something.

But, noting a relevant diary asking What is Ron Paul REALLY doing with all that money?, actual grown-up Dave Neiwert says:

[M]y guess is that Paul has conceded the GOP nomination and is laying the groundwork for a third-party run. That's where this warchest will be directed.

You can say you read it here first.
Well, that would certainly be amusing.

I can't think of anything that could make this already clusterfuckity campaign season all the more clusterfucktastic than a third-party nutbag with a deeply anti-feminist platform and ties to white supremacists, who has nonetheless been right about the Iraq War, going up against the Democrats' historic nominee and the GOP's warmonger-to-the-throne.

What a year.

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