Question of the Day

What aphorism drives you crazy every time you hear someone say it?

"Life isn't fair." Getting it as a flippant, unsympathetic response to a minor complaint for which I only expected not to be made to feel crap is bad enough, but when it's said in a way meant to be genuinely commisserative, like when you've just lost a good friend at age 47 or something and someone sighs, "Life isn't fair," I feel the welling of murderous rampage. No shit, really?! Life isn't fair?! Thanks for the HOT TIP! That makes me feel all better about my friend being dead!

Extra bonus murdery feelings elicited by the even more excruciating "Nobody ever said life was fair."

Of course, I know there are times people generally say that just because they don't know what else to say in bad situations, and not because they are deliberately trying to educe me to drive a dull butter knife into my own temple, so I keep my irrational simmering rage at this detested aphorism to myself.

(If you need some help coming up with an answer for this one, try Aphorisms Galore! You're sure to find something there that will evoke an "Ugh! I hate that saying!")

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