Via Arlen, who says: "Instead of actually doing something worthwhile with their time (such as, I dunno, canvassing or phonebanking or some other type of GOTV activity), his supporters just huddle in front of his headquarters chanting his name over and over again as if the Iowa caucus is some sort of shouting match where the candidate with the loudest supporters wins. They're not even passing out literature to passersby, they're just shouting his name (and occasionally getting arrested for blocking rival candidates from walking down the sidewalk). If I was an actual Paul staffer inside doing actual work, I'd be pretty pissed at those jackasses."

Yes. Be sure to check out the first commenter over at Arlen's place, who helpfully explains that "Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo are the only proven politicians who won't suck up to feminists."

That's precisely the problem with American politics—too many politicians sucking up to feminists.

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