Olmert Pile

The opening line to this WaPo article is truly a keeper:
Is Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert auditioning to replace Tony Blair as George W. Bush's new "poodle?"
You're probably thinking that Ehud must've exhibited some serious ass-lickage to be crowned the new poodle.

He sure did.
In an interview last week with the Jerusalem Post, Olmert said that in all his years in public life, he did not recall “that America was led by someone as friendly since the days of President Ford.”
Oh really? Tell you what, Ehud - when Paula Deen asks Bush to tape a sentimental cooking episode in Crawford, I'll momentarily redirect my ridicule from you to her. Heck, how could he even overlook Reagan in the friendly department? I don't think Ehud gets out much, which is clearly evident in his next jaw-dropping remark:
“He’s also a great guy,” Olmert added of Bush. “I know that people say all kinds of things about him. Gentlemen, he’s a graduate of Yale and Harvard. People don’t graduate from Harvard and Yale without wisdom and understanding of processes and domestic and international relationships. He’s a very wise man.”
You read that right. See, Ehud, the only process Bush understands is that if your family is privileged and well off, you can do whatever the fuck you want. People don't graduate from Yale and Harvard for bragging rights that they got by as a C student.

Olmert can adore Bush all he wants. The more he does, the more ridicule he'll acquire on the world stage, and the more he'll look like an ass when the next administration comes'a'rolling in.

[H/T to ThinkProgress]

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