McCain Suicide Watch

Day 448

"Oh, you still remember that? Ha ha. No way, baby. My future's so bright, I gotta wear fugly reflective shades."

Would it be terribly inconvenient, do you think, for our national press corps to stop fellating John McCain long enough to wipe their mouths and ask him if he would like to apologize to the Democrats of this nation for suggesting that suicide is preferable to their leadership?

I know it would undermine the very, very fun memes that John McCain is a maverick, a uniter, and a nice guy, and instead expose him as the partisan ideologue jerksack that he is, but it's kind of important and shit.

See, a man who'd like to lead the entire country ought to embrace the idea that the entire country includes Democrats. We've given the whole "president-who-pretends-a-slim-majority-is-a-mandate" thing a try. It doesn't work. We're going to need to expect more from the next guy.

* * *

Related: Investor's Business Daily wonders "Can McCain control his temper?" then summarily recounts a series of anecdotes about his infamously belligerent run-ins with Congressional peers, suggesting that, in fact, he cannot. It's also worth remembering McCain's nasty letter to Senator Obama, which Matt Stoller called "one of the single most bitter, nasty letters I have ever seen from any Senator. It's rather remarkable, actually, and gives the lie to the notion that McCain is of a bipartisan mind," and prompted me to remark: "Let us never cease to speak of McCain with the firm conviction that he is an asshole."

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