The Kidz Love Hillary

This is a campaign video of Chelsea Clinton and America "Ugly Betty" Ferrera on the campaign trail for Hillary, rallying women and young voters. Via Yikes! Transcript is below. (Btw, Michelle Malkin posted this video with a note that Clinton and Ferrera "give women a bad name." Um, no, Michelle. Women are unique and varied creatures, and no one—or two—of us represents all of womankind. They don't "give women a bad name" any more than you do, or I do. And to say they do is the worst kind of woman-hating crap. We're not a monolith, and your "bad name" bullshit is predicated on a presumption that we are. So STFU.)

Woman #1: This will be my first year voting, so I'm very excited.

America Ferrera: My name is America Ferrara, and I am here today with a very enormous amount of pride and honor and inspiration to be here supporting Ms. Hillary Clinton. I've had one of the most remarkable days traveling through this city with Chelsea Clinton, knocking on doors, talking to women and men from all walks of life.

Woman #2: Chelsea in particular was really helpful in answering the questions; it was really nice, because I've been asking my parents, "How do I do this? How do I do that?" and they're like, "Well, I don't know. We've never had a Nevada caucus!" and I come to find out it's really, really easy.

Ferrera: When she was winning in New Hampshire, I was in my living room, like, dancing. I was so happy and excited and, like, I just felt so much pride for her, and I thought, "My god, this is a woman running for president."

Chelsea Clinton: I know, you're so inspired it makes me so proud of my mom; I keep thinking I can't, like, be more proud of my mom, but I get more proud of my mom. [edit] I just wanted to come and see if we could answer any questions that you might have about my mom's campaign or the upcoming caucus on Saturday; I just want to make sure that everyone has kind of whatever information you would need.

Woman #3: Hillary just seems like she's bringing the important things to the table, that she's like, "Look, here go the facts, let's lay them out: We're gonna get this done. This is gonna happen."

Woman #4: I think she's really gonna be a good president for everyone.

Woman #5: The whole school believing in what she's gonna do, and she's a lady, so there's the first opportunity she have over there, and we can prove, you know, that we can do it.

Man #1: They're saying that a national healthcare plan's not gonna be able to cover enough of, give people enough coverage.

Clinton: My mom's gonna open up the Congressional health plan, and there are more than 250 options in the Congressional health plan, that are at different costs and cover different things, because what I need at 27 as a single woman is different than what your family needs for you. No one would be allowed to be denied coverage because of a preexisting condition, and every plan would cover mental health. She would cap the monthly premiums at a percentage of your income. She is really committed to everyone getting insured. [edit] I actually lead a pretty private life, but really believe in my mom. I believe that she would be the best president. I couldn't really imagine not trying to do whatever I could to help make her more accessible or make her message more accessible.

Man #2: Everything she has to say is phenomenal. She won my vote.

Man #3: I'm voting for her. Yes I am.

Woman #1: I'm voting for Hillary Clinton.

Woman #3: Now we have something to look forward to, you know? So I'm excited.

Ferrera: So I say to every young woman out there, every young man, who is ready to make our generation have a voice and be heard in this country, vote for Hillary in 2008.

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