And He's Fluent in Pig Latin, Too

Chris Matthews has a new theory on why Hillary Clinton won in New Hampshire (his old theory being that she won because Bill cheated on her). Now she won because the people of New Hampshire are bigots…and he conveyed this theory by—wait for it!—behaving like a total bigot.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: What the hell happened in New Hampshire?

MATTHEWS: You remember the Lone Ranger and Tonto? I think paleface speak with forked tongue. You hear me? Forked tongue....
That, by the way, is a cleaned-up transcript. I listed to a recording of this exchange, and he actually says: "Me think paleface speak with forked tongue. You hear me? Forked tongue."

Seriously, why does this guy have a job anymore? He's a racist, sexist (sexist, sexist, sexist, sexist, sexist) homophobic, belligerent, insulting, crap-talking, know-nothing douche lacking even the merest capacity for self-reflection.

Sweet Jesus I Hate Chris Matthews.

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