Waterboarding: What's Good for the Goose...

I'll have to give kudos to senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for finally confronting government officials (and their psycho supporters) with the blatantly obvious consequence of this government's tacit approval of using waterboarding in interrogation: If it's ok to use on "them", then it's ok for "them" to use on us.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who asked the hypothetical, pushed [Brigadier General Thomas W.] Hartmann on his answer, asking him directly if it would be a “violation of the Geneva Convention”:
GRAHAM: You mean you’re not equipped to give a legal opinion as to whether or not Iranian military waterboarding, secret security agents waterboarding downed airmen is a violation of the Geneva Convention?

HARTMANN: I am not prepared to answer that question, Senator.
After Hartmann twice refused to answer, Graham dismissed him in disgust, saying he had “no further questions.”
The reality of the situation is that if we hear of one of our soldiers being waterboarded, you will see everyone puff their chests out and scream in righteous indignation for the interrogators' heads. And after they're done screaming, they might come to terms with the fact that their support of waterboarding wasn't just for the scenario of the USA on the giving end. It was support of the procedure itself, in all scenarios.

Update: Even when you think Republicans might join the side of reason, it's really a front. Take a gander at the full speech prior to the aforementioned quote (H/T to Petulant for the clip).

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