"This is what you wear, Jeffrey. You don't wear dresses. The dresses are for the girls. Girls wear dresses."

Apropos of Jeff's post yesterday about boys playing with toy kitchens, and Space Cowboy's post on Monday about The View's Sherri Shepherd being an ignorant idiot), here's said idiot going apeshit about how her son won't be allowed to wear a dress in her house, after a discussion of the news re: boys and kitchens turns into a discussion of boys wearing girls' clothes.

Here's an approximate transcript of the relevant bits: "Not in my house! Not in my house! Not in my house! My son isn't putting on dresses! Girls wear dresses! When he's 18, he can do what he wants, but not in my house!"

Everyone who believes Sherri Shepherd won't care what her son does when he's 18, raise your hand.

No hands? Shocking.

Btw, I'm officially calling a moratorium on people invoking Scottish kilts during a discussion on transgenderism. First of all, it's truly not relevant. Kilts aren't "skirts." They are gender-specific, and they are menswear. To use them as example of men who dress "like women" is a misrepresentation, and it just confuses the argument about what being transgender really is. It's approximately like suggesting that a woman who wears a woman's business suit is cross-dressing.

And secondly, Scottish men don't run around in kilts anymore. On special occasions, you'll see a guy in a kilt. Or maybe if he's in a band that specializes in Scottish folk music. Or if he's had all his trousers stolen.

But on the average day, they wear pants. They've got electricity now, too.

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