Question of the Day

Over at Feministe, Christina notes that that this year's Golden Globe nominees, announced earlier today, include no female directors once again. (It's a pretty white list, too, ahem.) So today's question is: Who's your favorite female film director?

Okay, I couldn't pick just one, so here's my Top 10 list:

1. Jane Campion—The Piano is one of my favorite films of all time.

2. Agnieszka Holland—Europa Europa and Olivier, Olivier are masterpieces. She did a beautiful job realizing one of my favorite childhood books, The Secret Garden, too.

3. Gurinder Chadha—Bend It Like Beckham is just fantastic; I've watched it a nonillion times at least. And Bride & Prejudice (with the delicious Naveen Andrews, for interested Losties) is hilarious.

4. Nicole Holofcener—I absolutely adore Walking and Talking, and I liked Friends with Money, too. I've still not seen Lovely and Amazing.

5. Penny Marshall—Gotta give it up for A League of Their Own. And Awakenings. And Big. And Jumpin' Jack Flash. Gotta give it up for Penny.

6. Julie Taymor—I've sung her praises for Titus before. Just watched that again recently; it's such a beautifully shot film.

7. Kasi Lemmons—Loved Eve's Bayou. Still looking forward to seeing this year's Talk to Me.

8. Sophia Coppola—Please don't hate me, Rox. I adore Lost in Translation, enjoyed The Virgin Suicides, and, Maude save me, I really liked Marie Antoinette.

9. Penelope Spheeris—In case it wasn't enough that she directed the Decline of Western Civilization documentaries, she also directed Wayne's World.

10. Jodie Foster—Home for the Holidays will probably always be my favorite holiday movie. I love it. Holly Hunter. Anne Bancroft. Cynthia Stevenson. Robert Downey, Jr. Charles Durning. A flying turkey. Forget it.

Honorable mentions: Alison Anders, Mary Harron, Amy Heckerling, Patricia Cardoso, Mira Nair, Martha Coolidge, Mimi Leder.

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